Your life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, rather the things that take your breath away”. I’ve always loved this quote, loved the way it sounded in my own voice, loved the way it played out on another’s face as I had told them. Although I never really grasped what it meant, I knew it was deep and did the trick when I needed to provide a quote for a questionnaire. That it would give that certain “je ne sais quoi” I was searching for to encapsulate my ambitions and hopes as a person, although I envy the innocence of the thought and slipshod way of defining myself back then. I now understand a task like that would send me into spiraling self reflection, and an empty corner to stand in as I vex myself into every philosophical conversation I could insert myself into. The question of “Who I am” is one that proves fluid by each passing day, a fluidity that imbues every spark of creativity in my being not to answer or somehow document. Like a bee captivated by the falling rain, but fearful of its ignorance of it and sheer size alone of every drop. read more