When I started working with Jenn about a year ago, I felt directionless and powerless in my own life. I was working a job that had nothing to do with me and I spent my time sulking around. With Jenn’s help, I started working on a plan to get where I want to be in life. I’m still not there, and I won’t be for a while, but Jenn has given me the tools I need to stay motivated, believe in myself, and be content with my life in the meantime. She’s helped me become a more positive, more functional version of myself.

Perhaps most important of all is that, while I know Jenn has helped me greatly, I don’t feel like somebody else has been telling me what to do. I don’t feel that the path I’m on now is one established by somebody else. Even though I’m more positive and different in many ways from a year ago, I don’t feel like I’m pretending to be somebody who I am not. Rather, I’m just making progress to become the version of myself that I desire to be; Jenn’s methods of becoming aware of myself on several different levels were a fantastic first step on this ongoing journey.

I don’t know what difference the next year will make, but I do know that I will have made even more progress toward my goals and that I will continue to grow. I’m grateful for Jenn’s help this past year, and I’m so much more confident about my life looking forward.