Coaching for PARENTS

We offer coaching for parents; this service is customized to each family based on the current struggles facing the parent or family.  We have worked with parents on rule setting, consequence follow through, communication, managing anger and frustration, sibling issues, divorce, co-parenting and various other subjects.

We also work with parents of younger children to assist in understanding social emotional and psychological milestones, which lead to happy and healthy teen years.

What is coaching for parents look like?

Our founder Jenn says it best, “I am a cross between, a big sister, a cool aunt, a therapist, and a teacher.” Coaching for parents looks different than coaching for youth. Having a coach as a parent is about having a trusted friend you can vent your frustrations too, who helps to put parenting and your child into perspective. It is a safe environment allowing you to grow as a person and as a parent.  Parent coaching also helps you understand the psychology, biology and neurology of your child in a everyday way.  The coaching is based on your current needs.  The frequency and length of time depend on what you are working on.

How do I get started?

Give us a call and we will do an initial session to determine areas of concern, then we make a plan.

If you have a suggestion for a program, let us know!