As parents we struggle, to be the best we can be for our children, make the right decisions, and help them grow to be the best adults they can be. Do you know why you do what you do, why you feel what you feel, why you act the way that you do with your kids? Have you ever walked away from an interaction with you child and thought, “well that isn’t how I wanted to handle that?”

Did you know that your brain functions differently in each of the roles that you play in your life? You are basically different person when you are in “parent brain”. You think, feel, and act differently when you are “being” a parent. Do you want to be a better parent? You think maybe if I follow this book, or do these five steps, or subscribe to this blog I’ll be better. Being a better parent starts with being a better version of you. When you are more aware… you are more intentional…when you are more intentional…you take ownership. When you take ownership, you have the opportunity to be extraordinary.  

This program is about YOU and how YOU show up as a parent!

  • Brain Ownership for Parents is a 13 Week/Session Hybrid Learning Course and Individualized Coaching program.
  • Cost: Two Parents – $2,250 / Single Parent – $1,190
  • Coaching is done via online video, so time and location are not an issue.
Program includes
  • Weekly Educational Video
  • Workbook and Journal Pages
  • Specific and Customized Coaching Sessions each week
  • 1.5 hours for two parents / 1 hour for single parent
Topic Outline
Session Topics Covered
Session 1 Brain Basics

  • Discover the Biology of Your Brain
  • Understand Auto-Pilot and Growth Systems
  • Explore the Triune Brain and what that means
Session 2 Unconscious vs Conscious

  • Gain an understanding of how the mind works
  • Recognize the brain’s data storage and retrieval system
  • Learn how we interpret information
Session 3 Programming

  • Determine how our thoughts and beliefs develop
  • Understand the servant mechanisms
  • Identify automatic thoughts
Session 4 Your Parenting Blueprint

  • Explore how your upbringing impacts the way you parent
  • Understand why we embrace certain aspects of our parents and reject others
  • Define your current blueprint
Session 5 Emotional Awareness

  • Learn how you feel and why is it important
  • Understand the power of awareness
  • Master the spectrum of emotions
Session 6 Emotional Accountability

  • Understand assignment of emotion
  • Learn to manage emotional responsibility
  • Explore boundaries as a parent of your children’s emotional states
Session 7 Emotional Processing

  • Learn to process emotions
  • Develop processing strategies
  • Become comfortable with embracing all emotions
Session 8 Specific Emotions

  • Understand fear and love based emotions and how they work in the body
  • Explore Event Based and Whole Person Emotions
  • Gain understanding of specific emotions, such as shame, courage, accomplishment, and fear.
Session 9 Habits

  • Grasp how the brain develops habits
  • Determine the difference between doing habits and non-doing habits
  • Understanding triggers and reward
Session 10 Changing Habits

  • Examine behavior change
  • Understand the power of tiny habits
  • Develop a process for daily habits
Session 11 Google Brain

  • Gain knowledge of how thoughts impact the brain’s data storage and retrieval system
  • Learn how to ask your brain questions in an effective manner
  • Explore options for communicating with your brain to get what you want
Session 12 Adverse Childhood Trauma

  • Understand Adverse Childhood Trauma (ACE)
  • Gain insight to how ACEs impact children as they grow
  • Explore how intensity and frequency of ACEs impacts children
Session 13 Growth, Goals and Game Plan

  • Revisit your Parenting Blueprint
  • Craft your new Parenting Blueprint
  • Determine your game plan