Welcome to SPHERE Education! Our brain runs our whole life, our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions. and our actions. We don’t usually stop to think about the why, when, and how, we just are who we are and do what we do. What if you knew how your brain worked? The basic biology, psychology, and neurology of emotions, thoughts and actions. What if you were actively and consciously choosing your thoughts, emotions, and actions?

The human brain processes about 11 million bits of information every second (yes you read that right) but we are only conscious of 50 bits per second. This means that most of our lives are unconscious, the way we think, the emotions we feel, and the actions we take are not focused conscious decisions, but seem to be random occurrences. We are at the mercy of our unconscious brain, do you know how it works?

We believe in the power of brain ownership. Working with a SPHERE Education Brain Coach is about helping you take life to the next level. We teach you to understand your life blueprint, the way you think, feel, and act. We help you understand the how and why it of your unconscious blueprint. Then we give you the tools to take the steps in owning your brain. SPHERE Education believes that we can all can have Strong, Passionate, Healthy, Empathic, Resilient, Extraordinary brains, which leads you to choose and create the life you want.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Join us on your journey to #beabrainowner!